Welcome to Vim the leading sportswear and lifestyle brand in Kuwait A brand that combines a passion for sports and fashion Designed by an Italian designer, it is a distinctive Kuwaiti brand that combines practicality and elegance.

One of the names of the flame expresses strength, vitality, energy and activity.

Creating a rich family community in mental and physical health and positively developing the community by creating components that help people become stronger and more beautiful.

The Founder:
Abrar Al-Shammari, founder of VIM, is a fitness trainer and athlete from a young age who has played various games such as gymnastics, athletics, volleyball and cross-fit, and currently she is a calisthenics player and an obstacle, endurance racer, She has won first place in several local and Gulf championships and is currently an ambassador for the sport of Spartan.

Our Story: 

Since 2010, she was on a journey of self-search, and the journey of self-search is considered one of the important trips, she worked in different business activities, but she did not find herself and her passion because there was a voice inside her talking to her and saying, "I want to find myself, I want to discover who I am", and until 2018, when she started training, she found herself and many events took place in the journey of self-search, and training and sports became an integral part of her life, as it exceeded the stage of passion

the end of 2019, she wanted to develop the field she is in, and create the world she dreams of by creating a clothing brand that matches her values, she wanted something that shared simplicity and distinction, mixed with strength and beauty, she wanted a different charisma with real physical fitness, so she worked hard to provide products made for your bodies that you deserve.